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On exceptions to “all”

Students, all students, should feel safe at school. All students should be protected from bullying. Comedian Keith Deltano demonstrates that the interpretation of “all” can carry exceptions, and that those exceptions can be made invisible through omission. In October 2011, Deltano … Continue reading

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Ignorance kills

So. It wasn’t newsworthy that a 15 year old boy who had been the target of relentless bullying and threats because he was “feminine” was publicly executed by a classmate – nor did the slaying of another “too feminine” teenager, … Continue reading

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Enabling murder

We reported awhile back on a very obvious hoax that was perpetrated by the same little group that tried for five+ years to stop Montgomery County’s updated sexuality curriculum from being implemented. What the group did was to put one … Continue reading

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End of the line for special rights seekers, Part 1

On January 31, Maryland Circuit Court Judge William J. Rowan, III ruled on the last chance for PFOX, Lynn Chapman’s Family Leader Network, and other assorted anti-gay obsessives to derail the progressive human sexuality curriculum in Montgomery County. Assisted in … Continue reading

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Oh, now we get it…

I could never understand why the anti-gay ideologues trying to prevent the honest, humane discussion of sexual orientation in Montgomery County schools fought tooth and nail to keep this statement out of the curriculum: Children who have fleeting same-sex attractions … Continue reading

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Virginia just says no

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that Governor Tim Kaine has eliminated state funding for federally mandated “abstinence-only” programs; Virginia now joins 13 other states that have rejected this kind of fake sexuality “education.” The premise here shouldn’t be hard … Continue reading

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Unreasonable request #8,734 denied

The complainers who object to other people’s children having access to a humane, factually accurate human sexuality curriculum have lost in court again. On Tuesday, the Maryland Court of Appeals denied the stay sought by Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, … Continue reading

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