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No, really.

This would be worthy of reporting for its sheer entertainment value alone – but wait, there’s more! Purportedly serious organizations like World Net Daily, Concerned Women for America, Focus on the Family, and the Montgomery County anti-sexuality education group Citizens … Continue reading

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Pastoral care

There’s a fascinating article this morning about last month’s anti-gay church ad and the outrage it engendered in the Loudoun community. For the record, the ad was not submitted to the Times-Mirror. Ad spurs controversy across Loudoun Loudoun Times-Mirror July … Continue reading

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The rest of the story

As the dishonest campaign to defeat the Matthew Shepard Act continues to roll along, we have an update. One of the tried and true hysteria-generators in this campaign is the citation (with lots of exclamation marks!!!) of various cases in … Continue reading

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Truth wins in Maryland

From our neighbors over in Montgomery County, a good community response to an ignorant diatribe similar to the more florid examples in our Hall of Shame. While everyone has the right to express their opinion, some utterances border on libelous, … Continue reading

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Let the conversation begin

Pastor Jay Ahlemann of “The Church of the Valley” has treated us to another expensive, full page ad, this one with even more words in even tinier print. Clearly stung by the outraged response to his last ad, Ahlemann starts … Continue reading

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This gem, from Chuck Colson, director of the misnamed Loudoun-based Prison Fellowship Ministries, is from another breathless email about the Matthew Shepard Act. For the bill’s supporters, it is not enough to walk down the street in complete safety. (link) … Continue reading

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On the invention of new “rights”

Is this the trainwreck Maggie Gallagher said was coming? According to the Boston Globe, a man named Stephen Dunne “claims he failed the Massachusetts bar exam because he refused to answer a question about gay marriage [and] has filed a … Continue reading

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