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Column attacking trans child published in Purcellville Gazette

The following column was published in the April 11 edition of the Purcellville Gazette after the editor, Kim Weber, was warned that it was riddled with known defamatory falsehoods and endangered a child. Ms. Weber was offered assistance and education … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, Marriage is a Fundamental Right

Special op-ed by David Weintraub published in the Purcellville Gazette, August 2 2014. On November 7, 2006, Virginia voters were presented with the choice to add an amendment to our state constitution. This amendment would not only prohibit civil marriage … Continue reading

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Religious freedom is for everybody

A funny thing happened when those who find marriage equality so upsetting started loudly complaining about alleged violations of their religious freedom: People whose religious freedom actually is being violated stepped forward. As reported last month, the first ever Witness … Continue reading

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Reactions to Jason Collins in the Patch

Dusty Smith of the Ashburn Patch has a nice article up about reaction to the coming out of Wizards center Jason Collins. He interviewed the co-founders of Equality Loudoun for a local perspective. Washington Wizards center Jason Collins has won … Continue reading

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Citizens take Delgaudio investigation into their own hands

We know that Donna Mateer, former aide to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, provided a package of documents to Board Chairman Scott York – at his request – information that supports her allegations of Mr. Delgaudio’s improper fundraising, misuse of office, and … Continue reading

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Purcellville Gazette, June 8 I wish to thank columnist John Flannery (June 1) for calling attention to the recent mischief of two embarrassing Loudoun County public officials. Mr. Delgaudio is dismissible on the grounds that he even regards himself as … Continue reading

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Virginia defies its reputation, embraces reality

This is nothing short of a stunning accomplishment. We owe our thanks to the community members who did the hard, unglamorous, patient work of education. They are heroes. Education is really the only thing that can bring about a significant … Continue reading

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