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Activist judge put in his place

At least partially. It’s a start. Frederick County Circuit Court Judge John Prosser ruled in October 2004 that “the public policy of Virginia” required him to ignore the prior custody ruling of a Vermont court with respect to the parental … Continue reading

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It’s not hard

This is really very, very sad. What we see in this poignant video is Pastor Ted Haggard explaining how to have a happy, successful, faithful marriage. “It’s not hard,” he says. “It’s very easy.” Watch this, and ask yourself who … Continue reading

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Please, for the children

Won’t you join me in calling on our leaders to quickly pass the Defense of Britney’s Marriage Act? Every child needs, and deserves, a Mother AND a Father. As everyone knows, Mothers and Fathers without exception each bring a unique … Continue reading

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Open thread – election day stories

UPDATE: There’s quite a bit of huffing and puffing over at NoVA Townhall, as the use of children in the anti-family amendment campaign is subjected to critical scrutiny. This appears to have been quite widespread. I don’t at all think … Continue reading

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One more contradiction

When I saw how upset (are you people ever not angry about something?) the gay-bashing crowd was about this Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, I knew it had to be sensible: Virginia’s amendment ran weakest in the state’s most populous regions. The … Continue reading

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Contradictions to ponder

One We are supposed to believe, according to the proponents of Ballot Question #1, that Virginia’s marriage law is vulnerable to being overturned by an “activist judge,” and that we can’t be sure how Virginia judges will rule if there … Continue reading

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Amendment is a tossup – get thee to a polling place

In a poll released today, Mason-Dixon is reporting a dead heat on Ballot Question #1. Support has for the first time dropped below 50%, which is very significant. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports “fading enthusiasm for a ban on same-sex marriage.” … Continue reading

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