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This is what the “Black Brigade” wanted for Loudoun

The Anoka-Hennepin school district declined to comment on any specific incidences but denies any discrimination, maintaining that its broad anti-bullying policy is meant to protect all students. This Rolling Stone article on the unfathomable disaster that is the Anoka-Hennepin school … Continue reading

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This sounds a lot like Loudoun County School Board rhetoric

Tell me if any of this language sounds familiar. From the “License to Bully” bill currently under consideration in Tennessee: This bill specifies that such task forces, programs, and other initiatives may not include materials or training that explicitly or … Continue reading

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On exceptions to “all”

Students, all students, should feel safe at school. All students should be protected from bullying. Comedian Keith Deltano demonstrates that the interpretation of “all” can carry exceptions, and that those exceptions can be made invisible through omission. In October 2011, Deltano … Continue reading

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The first priority of the new School Board: sneer at human rights

The very first action taken by the newly elected Loudoun County School Board was this: Regarding the Virginia Human Rights Act: “I move to amend the Board’s previously adopted Legislative Program by removing the recommendation to expand the protected classifications … Continue reading

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Sound familiar?

That was the question posed by the source who sent this. Why, yes. Yes it does. Corona del Mar (Orange County, CA) drama teacher Ron Martin reports that his principal canceled a student production of the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning … Continue reading

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Wasilla meets Loudoun

Events in Wasilla, Alaska in late October, 1996 are looking more and more like some things that have gone on in Loudoun County, only the most recent of which was the unsuccessful attempt by anti-gay activists to have the children’s … Continue reading

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Tango is back with her friends

…and we couldn’t be happier for her. As everyone surely knows by now, what we had been hearing from several people in the Sugarland Elementary community turned out to be true: the complainant Sherrie Sawyer has no children enrolled at … Continue reading

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