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More “Constitution Party” fun

Incredibly, there’s more to report about the so-called “Constitution Party.” It seems that the nearly illiterate smearmonger Jerome Corsi (“It’s got nearly 700 footnotes in it. The book’s still very easy to read…A great number of the references and the … Continue reading

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Unreasonable request #8,734 denied

The complainers who object to other people’s children having access to a humane, factually accurate human sexuality curriculum have lost in court again. On Tuesday, the Maryland Court of Appeals denied the stay sought by Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, … Continue reading

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Why isn’t this on Lynn Chapman’s campaign website?

Here’s an example of what 32nd District delegate candidate Lynn Chapman does as policy director of the Family Leader Network. The Washington Post reports that Family Leader Network has joined PFOX and “Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum” in seeking a … Continue reading

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Another ugly election season is upon us

The Washington Blade weighs in with an article about recent gay-baiting campaign tactics in Virginia and a bipartisan call to cut it out, co-signed by Equality Virginia, Log Cabin Republicans and Virginia Partisans. The article is primarily about the push … Continue reading

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Who really wants to make public policy, Lynn Chapman…or Susie Chapman?

Loudoun Insider over at Too Conservative has taken the ironic position that candidates’ family members should be generally off-limits to scrutiny. This seems like a good guideline. But what should happen when a candidate’s spouse has been more involved in … Continue reading

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Into the muck

The fact that anyone – a candidate, someone acting on behalf of a candidate, someone attempting to smear a candidate, it doesn’t really matter – would ask a polling question like this: “Would your vote for Delegate be affected if … Continue reading

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Church chat

All kinds of remarkable, amusing things are surfacing as the thrashing over the ill-conceived push/message testing/research/whatever poll allegedly commissioned by the Lynn Chapman campaign continues unabated. To wit: This picture is posted (with the caption: “Jerusalem fell and the Holy … Continue reading

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