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Two days

During the past 48 hours, we have learned that the Uganda legislature has passed what is one of the most draconian anti-civil rights bills targeting sexual minorities in the world – bookended between announcements that two more US states – … Continue reading

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This is why they’re called “hate groups”

[The lawsuit] boils down to nothing more than an attempt to define my Biblical views against homosexuality as a crime.. ..Clearly, this lawsuit is intended not only to silence me as an effective voice of opposition to the ‘gay’ agenda, … Continue reading

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This sounds a lot like Loudoun County School Board rhetoric

Tell me if any of this language sounds familiar. From the “License to Bully” bill currently under consideration in Tennessee: This bill specifies that such task forces, programs, and other initiatives may not include materials or training that explicitly or … Continue reading

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On exceptions to “all”

Students, all students, should feel safe at school. All students should be protected from bullying. Comedian Keith Deltano demonstrates that the interpretation of “all” can carry exceptions, and that those exceptions can be made invisible through omission. In October 2011, Deltano … Continue reading

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The first priority of the new School Board: sneer at human rights

The very first action taken by the newly elected Loudoun County School Board was this: Regarding the Virginia Human Rights Act: “I move to amend the Board’s previously adopted Legislative Program by removing the recommendation to expand the protected classifications … Continue reading

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What the anti-gay sociopaths have wrought

Rob Tisinai of Waking Up Now posted this video back in 2010 demonstrating that the pending Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill is actually much, much worse than we knew. The bill is constructed in such a way that its language … Continue reading

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Benefit for Ugandan LGBT rights in Sterling

Benefit Celebration for GLBT Rights in Uganda with Rev. Mark Kiyimba Music by Tom Teasley Friday January 13th, 7:00 – 10:00 pm Unitarian Universalists of Sterling 22135 Davis Drive, Sterling (map) It’s illegal to be gay in Uganda, and has … Continue reading

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