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Tango is back with her friends

…and we couldn’t be happier for her. As everyone surely knows by now, what we had been hearing from several people in the Sugarland Elementary community turned out to be true: the complainant Sherrie Sawyer has no children enrolled at … Continue reading

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LCPS on a slippery slope

This is an updated overview of the status of Tango, just in terms of the policy issues that have been uncovered. There will be more forthcoming about the community response, remarks at the February 26 School Board meeting, and the … Continue reading

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Good book

>Here is a transcript of one of the speeches before the School Board on Tuesday night. It was received with tremendous applause, quite deservedly so: “My name is Katie Neville; I’ve lived in Mr. Marshall’s School Board district for 23 … Continue reading

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Common ground

You know, Barbara Curtis* (Mommy Life) just said something I really agree with: I’m wondering if a picture book about a boy who wanted to grow up to be a priest – maybe based on a true story – would … Continue reading

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Somebody has some ‘splainin’ to do

Well, this is certainly an interesting development. One of the many parents who is angered by the unilateral decision of Superintendent Hatrick to remove And Tango Makes Three from Loudoun County elementary school libraries has just pointed out to me … Continue reading

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Now we know

Update: Erica Garman of Living in Loco filed an independent FOIA request, and has posted the documents online. We have now seen the documents pertaining to the Sugarland Elementary* parent’s challenge to And Tango Makes Three. I’ll just share this … Continue reading

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CWA ladies caught in another lie

Blessings upon the folks at Good As You for finding this gem from the ladies of Concerned Women for America (you may recall this outfit as the home of disingenuous Senate candidate Patricia Phillips. She’s also the anti-gay activist who … Continue reading

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