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Where were the Republicans?

Leesburg Today September 26, 2007 By Russell Muños Vice President, Equality Loudoun Because the illegal immigration issue in Loudoun County has evolved into drama-based politics, I thought I would, well, try and get some facts on the subject by attending … Continue reading

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An interesting development

From our neighbors at Too Conservative. I’ve tried in vain to get our Republican members and friends to participate in their local party process. Something keeps getting in the way. These folks, according to the comments, “are working to take … Continue reading

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This is courage

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders abruptly changed his position on full marriage equality Wednesday, after receiving a resolution from the City Council that he had pledged on Tuesday to veto. The council had voted to join with several other cities … Continue reading

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Tell it: Don’t be Silent

As opponents of equality struggle to come to terms with being on the wrong side of history, and lash out in frustration, this documentation is more important than ever. From Equality Virginia: Discrimination and Hate Violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, … Continue reading

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American Dream Alliance Civic Picnic

If you’ve been following the immigration issue locally, you’ve seen the same kind of divisive rhetoric used against these communities in Loudoun as has been directed against the GLBT community in the recent past. (Yes, the more temperate spokesmen insist … Continue reading

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The fact that we exist is “propaganda”

You really have to wonder about these people. Do they ever actually stop and think about what they say? This is from Family Research Council, which is in a snit over the film “That’s a Family!” being shown to exactly … Continue reading

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Lifestyle Christian c’est moi

It’s confirmed. You can be gay and Christian at the same time. From today’s Virginia Family Foundation email alert: “Isabella is the child of Lisa Miller, a former lesbian who left that lifestyle after becoming a Christian.” I was under … Continue reading

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