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These showerheads are not adjustable

“There are people who react in an unthinking way to transgender people.” That’s certainly an understatement. However, to paraphrase the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: Laws cannot force people to think, but they can restrain the thoughtless. Such laws, unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Wasilla meets Loudoun

Events in Wasilla, Alaska in late October, 1996 are looking more and more like some things that have gone on in Loudoun County, only the most recent of which was the unsuccessful attempt by anti-gay activists to have the children’s … Continue reading

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Bigotry loses big in Montgomery

A referendum that was designed by the anti-gay industry as a template for overturning legal protections for transgender people across the nation has been thrown out and will not appear on the ballot in Montgomery County in November. The county’s … Continue reading

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Virginia is for denial

When you’re in the mood for some bizarre anti-gay behavior to marvel at, the Virginia fringe never disappoints. According to AJ Kiefer, advertising director for the Minneapolis/St.Paul magazine The Rake, the Bill Bolling campaign cancelled its order of a guide … Continue reading

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