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Tell me again why a legal contract is sufficient?

I think this speaks for itself. A legal union removes questionability. I am sure the ruling that is expected in October will be a test of the “legal contracts” agrument of the amendment supporters and that Virginia’s so-called marriage amendment … Continue reading

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This morning’s read of the latest marriage equality news left a smile on my face that will last all day. Hat tip to to Melissa McEwan from the AlterNet blog, who reviews a couple of speeches by Governors Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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More on the Reston forum

See Equality Loudoun’s report on this forum. Note: Claire Guthrie Gastanaga was actually replaced on the panel by attorney Leslie Nickel, a change the reporter didn’t catch. Also, I don’t think we squabble all that much. –David Preaching to the … Continue reading

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Sunday evening humor

For those who missed it, here is a clip of Paul Cameron’s unintentionally hilarious appearance on The Daily Show. (Hat tip to Tom.) You almost have to feel sorry for the guy. Almost. Cameron is the disgraced fraudulent “reseacher” who … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Save Marriage

Loudoun Connection September 20, 2006 By Tim Buchholz, Ashburn Susie Chapman, in her letter of Aug. 30, seems to believe that voting for the so-called “marriage amendment” will do something to “protect marriage” and magically create more families in which … Continue reading

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What’s the rush?

Leesburg Today September 19, 2006 By Thom Beres, Col., USAF, Retired, Cascades This whole marriage amendment discussion makes me very suspicious. On the one hand, it is supposedly so urgent that it had to be put on the ballot right … Continue reading

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Now we understand.

Hat tip to “conservative” blogger Spank That Donkey for sharing the real reason that the institution of marriage is in serious trouble. For solutions to this problem, we recommend taking a closer look at the values and attitudes about gender … Continue reading

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