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Tragedy of the heterosexual lifestyle

In my humble opinion, this would be a better headline for this WaPo article than Market for Romance Goes From Bullish to Sheepish – Are Guys With Less to Spend Less of a Catch? The economy is swirling down the … Continue reading

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Dustin Lance Black and Sean Penn win their Oscars for ‘Milk’

“For me, the whole thing always was to pay it forward. Harvey [Milk] gave me his story. Harvey gave me his story, and it saved my life. And I just felt like it’s time to pass it on. The only … Continue reading

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Sound familiar?

That was the question posed by the source who sent this. Why, yes. Yes it does. Corona del Mar (Orange County, CA) drama teacher Ron Martin reports that his principal canceled a student production of the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning … Continue reading

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Bloggers For Good Happy Hour

So, one of my Facebook friends, to great comic effect, thought that BFG Happy Hour meant something else. Here’s what it really is. Thursday night at O’Faolain’s – won’t you join us? What is BFG? Bloggers For Good (BFG) is … Continue reading

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AFA sees the light!

We have wonderful news: The American Family Association now opposes discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In an astonishing change of heart, the formerly pro-discrimination advocacy group has expressed outrage over the treatment of a college basketball player. “Brooke … Continue reading

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