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The trouble with Baskerville

Trigger warning: Rape, domestic violence and child abuse denialism, victim-blaming. Critics of Stephen Baskerville’s astonishing Faith and Reason lecture at Patrick Henry College last Friday have no shortage of material to cite. The lecture was such a departure from even … Continue reading

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Meet the men who claim they would lie about being trans to “see some naked chicks”

It should surprise no one that they are all anti-trans activists and right wing talking heads. While attempting to prompt the responses he wanted from some GMU students about the recently signed California student rights bill, right wing activist and … Continue reading

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Go figure – these 1999 remarks by Pat Robertson, of all people, demonstrate a more advanced understanding of gender science than that of some Democratic leaders in 2012: Letter Writer: I’m 40 years old and have had a sex change. … Continue reading

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Common sense victories over bullying

There are two items of good news to report today. First, the Anoka-Hennepin School District (discussed in This is what the “Black Brigade” wanted for Loudoun) has reached a settlement described as unprecedented and a model for schools across the … Continue reading

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Prejudice is not a Realtor(tm) value

Can you imagine if a Loudoun Realtor were to argue that they were helping home buyers make an “informed decision” regarding their home purchase by mouthing derogatory slurs about African-Americans and Jews, and complaining that the local government has required … Continue reading

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“Anybody who actually believes that prohibiting discrimination against transgender people is going to result in men in dresses lurking in ladies restrooms — even when it has never happened in any jurisdiction where such a law exists — is not … Continue reading

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Nice hyperbole, but hormone blocking therapy is temporary and reversible. Going through the wrong puberty is permanent and irreversible. American Thinker needs to check its moral compass regarding the torture of children.

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