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Trouble in Farrisland

Is the defense of homeschooling still the priority for HSLDA, or are there other things that are priority? And really, what are membership dues being used for? That’s a question we’ve been asking about this dubious organization founded by Mike … Continue reading

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Oh, now we get it…

I could never understand why the anti-gay ideologues trying to prevent the honest, humane discussion of sexual orientation in Montgomery County schools fought tooth and nail to keep this statement out of the curriculum: Children who have fleeting same-sex attractions … Continue reading

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A Holiday Poem

(Or, for those who wish to pretend there are no other holiday traditions being celebrated at this time of year, “A Christmas Poem.”) A reader sent this to us back in 2004. Three years later, the Grinches are grinchier than … Continue reading

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Can of Worms

Prison Fellowship Ministries, run by Watergate “hatchet man” Chuck Colson, is based in Loudoun County and receives a huge tax exemption from our county government. They publish a blog and a daily newsletter, and when these contain particularly funny anti-gay … Continue reading

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