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We can’t *imagine* how that happened

Gosh, we just need to lighten up, don’t we? You can click on the image to read it, or I can just save you the trouble. It says, under “Liberal Hunting Permit”: “No Bag Limit – Tagging Not Required. May … Continue reading

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Blaming the Victim, Part xx…

We note, with a certain degree of awe for his chutzpah, that our new commenter Greg has attempted to make the attack on the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church about the failure of the congregants to adequately arm themselves before … Continue reading

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Apparent hate crime against inclusive Knoxville church

Update: The Unitarian Universalists of Sterling will hold a prayer vigil on Monday evening, July 28, at 7:00 to mourn the tragic injuries and loss of life at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church. The public is invited. The pastor of … Continue reading

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Conservative enough?

Is discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation really a “conservative” value? Not according to Ward Connerly, whom one would be hard-pressed to argue is not conservative enough. He opposes the current effort to deface the California state constitution with … Continue reading

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We the people, one human family

See more photos from Equality Loudoun’s fourth year of participation in the Leesburg 4th of July Parade here. Thank you to the folks who make this happen every year – it has really made a difference in this community. We … Continue reading

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emma’s revolution in concert

On June 21, Equality Loudoun had our most successful concert event yet, with 120 enthusiastic fans enjoying an evening with social justice folk musicians emma’s revolution. (See pictures here.) Many friends and supporters made this possible – thank you to … Continue reading

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Jesse Helms, R.I.P.

Sometimes a person is just so far outside the parameters of acceptable behavior, one cannot seriously think that the world is not better off without them. Sometimes a person has caused so much pain that the only possible response is … Continue reading

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