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What the anti-gay sociopaths have wrought

Rob Tisinai of Waking Up Now posted this video back in 2010 demonstrating that the pending Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill is actually much, much worse than we knew. The bill is constructed in such a way that its language … Continue reading

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The kind of monster our AG would listen to

As noted in the previous post, George “Rentboy” Rekers provided his “expertise” in the Florida case that resulted in the overturning of that state’s odious anti-gay adoption law – the law that was the model for a bill in Virginia … Continue reading

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With friends like these…

The governor’s clarification amounted to “a public spanking of Cuccinelli,” a state political analyst who preferred to remain anonymous told Time magazine. “The back and forth came after more than 1,500 students and supporters rallied Wednesday at Virginia Commonwealth University … Continue reading

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Secular arguments against marriage equality are useless, says leading anti-gay activist

The striking thing about Iowa, aside from the unprecedented unanimity expressed simply as “Affirmed. All justices concur,” is the sense that finally, finally, a court has said what is so painfully self-evident. This ruling was inevitable. It’s as if the … Continue reading

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Mitch Turner Googles himself, dislikes result

Several months ago, I published a link to a particularly wacky letter to the editor written by a spokesman for the Constitution Party of Virginia. That person, Mitch Turner of Hamilton, has apparently stumbled across that post, and is unhappy … Continue reading

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The Anti-Constitution Party?

Speaking of being outside the mainstream, here’s one more letter to the editor for our Hall of Shame. There’s nothing particularly interesting or fresh about it. It repeats the same old threadbare canards we’ve been tolerating for years (“if you … Continue reading

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Enabling murder

We reported awhile back on a very obvious hoax that was perpetrated by the same little group that tried for five+ years to stop Montgomery County’s updated sexuality curriculum from being implemented. What the group did was to put one … Continue reading

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