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This is just a brilliant idea, from Driving Equality. Apparently, the pathological Phelps clan is planning to pay a visit to the GMU campus, and it’s been turned into a fundraising opportunity for the GMU Pride Alliance: For every minute … Continue reading

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Riddle me this

See if you can make sense of the rationale offered by Vermont Governor Jim Douglas for his pre-announced plan to veto the Freedom to Marry bill (because I’ve tried, and I can’t). Here is what Douglas told the media: “The … Continue reading

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Whiny, table for one

Barney Frank’s Name-Calling by Ed Whelan Barney Frank’s attack on Justice Scalia as a “homophobe” is inane at several levels: First, the term “homophobe” is an ugly epithet designed to stigmatize (“he’s the sicko”) those who don’t embrace the homosexual … Continue reading

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It must be true…

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On words, redefinition of

From today’s Washington Post, regarding the marriage equality bill before the Maryland General Assembly: The government gives special treatment to civil marriage because it shifts the burden of care from the government to the individual and the family. By giving … Continue reading

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An amendment, not a revision

I just had an ‘aha’ moment. We can solve all the pal’n around with Christianists who hate ‘the gays’ and expensive constitutional amendments and all that angst with a few simple amendments to the bible. Let’s amend it to fit … Continue reading

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Mitch Turner Googles himself, dislikes result

Several months ago, I published a link to a particularly wacky letter to the editor written by a spokesman for the Constitution Party of Virginia. That person, Mitch Turner of Hamilton, has apparently stumbled across that post, and is unhappy … Continue reading

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