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Who really wants to make public policy, Lynn Chapman…or Susie Chapman?

Loudoun Insider over at Too Conservative has taken the ironic position that candidates’ family members should be generally off-limits to scrutiny. This seems like a good guideline. But what should happen when a candidate’s spouse has been more involved in … Continue reading

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Ex-Ex-Gay speaker at PFLAG

This should be an interesting program. If anyone from Loudoun is interested in carpooling, let us know at “Can Someone Become Ex-Gay?” Come hear Chris Camp, an Ex-Ex-Gay, who’s been there and back. PFLAG Columbia-Howard County Announces the September … Continue reading

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Well, isn’t that special

Who knew that a bitter little throwaway post mocking the LOGO Democratic candidate forum would generate 206 comments, and counting? Don’t be alarmed; much of the content consists of the regular denizens of NoVA Townhall saying mean things to each … Continue reading

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“God’s Harvard”

If you were part of the group that helped provide support to the Soulforce Equality Ride visit to Patrick Henry College back in April, you may remember Hanna Rosin, the Washington Post reporter who was with us for much of … Continue reading

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Of all the people to let off the hook..

How does the New York Times manage to get it so horribly wrong? Hat tip to Melanie at Just a Bump in the Beltway, who notes that “Steve Benen catches things everybody else misses.” And it’s a very good thing … Continue reading

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Lest we forget

Best. Quote. Ever. On the ill-advised and cruel conspiracy to interfere with Gay/Straight Alliances, and its attendant repulsive rhetoric: I don’t think there are “groups in state-supported schools who define themselves by what they do with their genitals.” I think … Continue reading

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Southwick? I don’t think so.

Say it to your Senators. The usual AGI suspects are all in a lather about the confirmation hearings of Leslie H. Southwick for the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Such very reputable and temperate sources as the Traditional Values Coalition … Continue reading

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