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Why won’t Sophrosyne answer my questions?

I’m making a list, and checking it when the spirit so moves me. It’s a list of unanswered questions I and others have posed to NoVA Townhall contributor Sophrosyne, who appears to be the more or less “official” spokesperson for … Continue reading

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Ignorance kills

So. It wasn’t newsworthy that a 15 year old boy who had been the target of relentless bullying and threats because he was “feminine” was publicly executed by a classmate – nor did the slaying of another “too feminine” teenager, … Continue reading

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Sky not falling; tape at 11

Ah, nostalgia. This post, from immediately after last year’s passage of the Virginia so-called “marriage amendment,” generated the following comment from occasional reader Sophrosyne (she of the relentless posting of gauzy heterosexual wedding photos): If the tide was turning your … Continue reading

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Will wonders never cease?

Sophrosyne at Nova Townhall has said something sensible about marriage: I couldn’t agree more that we should have more mandatory education prior to getting a marriage license as well as some form of waiting period. See, that’s the threat to … Continue reading

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Silence == consent

Update: This is Sophrosyne’s description of this post at the Virginia Blog Carnival: “David over at Equality Loudoun has a post discussing the civility of the Virginia Marriage Amendment debate in relation to a purported lack of condemnation of a … Continue reading

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The heart of liberty

There has been a reasonably principled discussion of the underpinnings of support for/opposition to the Marshall-Newman amendment over at NoVA Townhall, with Joe expressing a willingness to examine whether the harm the amendment would do to families outweighs the perceived … Continue reading

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