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Today, realistic Republicans are secretly praying that the Supreme Court will respond to the arguments presented in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases before it with a broad ruling finding a constitutional right for all Americans to marry the person … Continue reading

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The most significant event for equality in recent memory – and it wasn’t the president’s endorsement of marriage

Before somebody starts yelling at me, let me just say that I’m not diminishing the significance of President Obama’s historic endorsement. It matters. A lot. Go read Andrew Sullivan’s cover essay in this week’s Newsweek for a good summary. “To … Continue reading

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54/41. That’s the margin by which Maine voters now support full marriage equality according to a new PPP poll. This is the same result obtained in an earlier poll by EqualityMaine. The new poll contains some remarkable information; the margin … Continue reading

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Unintended consequences

After the 2003 Goodridge ruling in Massachusetts, certain self-designated “conservatives” had a brilliant political idea: Why not leverage the ignorance and fear of a populace not very well acquainted with the reality of LGBT people to win elections? We’ll scare … Continue reading

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It’s appalling to suggest that anyone’s fundamental civil or human rights should be put to a popular vote (as we just saw New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decisively schooled by Cory Booker). What argument will the activists who have made … Continue reading

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Right on schedule, Virginia advances

Today’s Washington Post: Virginians are closely divided over whether gay marriage should be legal, according to a new Washington Post poll, a striking result in a state that overwhelmingly agreed to amend its constitution to ban gay marriage just five … Continue reading

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The good news

From the New York Times, on the growing LGBT student movement at evangelical Christian colleges: Decades after the gay rights movement swept the country’s secular schools, more gays and lesbians at Christian colleges are starting to come out of the … Continue reading

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