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Poor, poor pitiful..

“Fairfax Public Libraries Ban Pro-Family Books,” announces the self described “Fairfax county outpost of The Family Foundation.” Well, that sounds terribly wrong, doesn’t it? It would be wrong, too – if it were true. Here’s an idea for a game … Continue reading

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Common ground

You know, Barbara Curtis* (Mommy Life) just said something I really agree with: I’m wondering if a picture book about a boy who wanted to grow up to be a priest – maybe based on a true story – would … Continue reading

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“Ex-gay” therapy for penguins. Who knew?

This just gets weirder and weirder. An amusing little treat landed in my inbox yesterday, containing the answer to the question “where are the national anti-gay advocacy groups in the ‘Tango’ story?” It’s an alert from the James Dobson/Focus on … Continue reading

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‘This is why we need a GSA’

When bullies tear down notices for meetings of one Wisconsin school’s Gay-Straight Alliance, they find a message underneath just for them: “Stop! THIS is why we need a GSA.” A 2003 National School Climate Survey performed by the Gay, Lesbian … Continue reading

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A season of sin

I fear that this will prove to be premature given the looming election season, but has anyone else been taken aback by the number of big, honking lies told by local anti-gay activists so far this year? In just the … Continue reading

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Leesburg 4th of July Parade

From the Why Didn’t I Think of That Department. Per request, a place to comment on our third year in the Leesburg 4th of July Parade. We are very pleased to report that Equality Loudoun won Best Float in the … Continue reading

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Sky not falling; tape at 11

Ah, nostalgia. This post, from immediately after last year’s passage of the Virginia so-called “marriage amendment,” generated the following comment from occasional reader Sophrosyne (she of the relentless posting of gauzy heterosexual wedding photos): If the tide was turning your … Continue reading

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