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A new Loudoun County Republican Committee?

Russell Muños, Vice President of Equality Loudoun and member of the Log Cabin Republicans of Virginia, and Jonathan Weintraub, Equality Loudoun co-founder and board member, attended the recent Loudoun County Republican Committee (LCRC) ice cream social at the Lansdowne Potomac … Continue reading

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Another ugly election season is upon us

The Washington Blade weighs in with an article about recent gay-baiting campaign tactics in Virginia and a bipartisan call to cut it out, co-signed by Equality Virginia, Log Cabin Republicans and Virginia Partisans. The article is primarily about the push … Continue reading

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Also, did I mention that you folks should be reading this blog?

Rick Sincere has made Virginia political bloggers an offer we can’t refuse – anyone linking to this post will be promoted as a must read at a meeting of the Virginia Log Cabin Republicans. Since this is not a very … Continue reading

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No Bellwether for Gay Rights in Virginia

Washington Post January 2, 2005 When the Virginia General Assembly convenes this month, organizations such as the Family Foundation will be on hand to instruct legislators on the importance of being on the right side of some “moral values” issues … Continue reading

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