Also, did I mention that you folks should be reading this blog?

Rick Sincere has made Virginia political bloggers an offer we can’t refuse – anyone linking to this post will be promoted as a must read at a meeting of the Virginia Log Cabin Republicans. Since this is not a very high standard to meet, I have to conclude that Rick’s objective is merely to be entertained by who takes him up on it (which is admittedly mildly amusing).

Rather than a shameless plug for this blog, I prefer to make a shameless plug for the Log Cabin Republicans (you people don’t read this blog already?). Our community would not be able to accomplish anything legislatively in Virginia without the participation of the Log Cabin Republicans. And for their efforts, they not only put up with abuse from the rabid anti-gay wing of their party, but also from some members of the gay community. So cut it out already.

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2 Responses to Also, did I mention that you folks should be reading this blog?

  1. Russell says:

    As Republicans, we believe fundamentally in a free society with a limited, responsible government. We believe that government does not empower its people, but people empower their government. We believe that individuals, with their vast store of ingenuity and ambition, solve problems far more effectively than does government.

    This taken from the Chairmans’ Welcome of the Virginia GOP website. NO wonder why people are confused about the Republican Party. As a Republican myself, I am also confused. Help us take back our party.

  2. Rick Sincere says:

    There is slightly more method to my madness than mere entertainment, David, but you are close to the mark. Thanks for the link, and you’ll be on my list on Tuesday evening.

    Readers of this blog are certainly invited to attend the Log Cabin meeting, which will be at the Boulevard Woodgrill restaurant in Arlington. Details are posted on my own blog.