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The first priority of the new School Board: sneer at human rights

The very first action taken by the newly elected Loudoun County School Board was this: Regarding the Virginia Human Rights Act: “I move to amend the Board’s previously adopted Legislative Program by removing the recommendation to expand the protected classifications … Continue reading

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Good for Virginia, good for Republicans

This is great news. Delegate Tom Rust (R-86) has introduced a bill (HB 1726) that would permit “coverage under a group life insurance policy to be extended to insure any class of persons as may mutually be agreed upon by … Continue reading

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VA lawmakers invited to “check a box”

Well-run businesses don’t discriminate against their employees on the basis of irrelevant characteristics. That’s why former Governor Mark Warner signed an executive order at the end of his term in 2005, prohibiting discrimination in state hiring on the basis of … Continue reading

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No more back of the bus

Update: Everything you could possibly want to know about efforts to insure an inclusive ENDA, all in one place: www.unitedenda.org Correction: Rep. Tammy Baldwin did NOT add her name to the new version of ENDA introduced by Rep. Barney Frank. … Continue reading

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Introducing the Padilla traveling circus

Luis Padilla, fired by Cargill for refusing to refrain from displaying his anti-equality views to his co-workers, is being groomed for full blown martyrdom by Victoria Cobb, et al. Of course, every anti-gay media piece about the case consistently redacts … Continue reading

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Human Resources are for all humans

I love this. Barton Hinkle of the Richmond Times-Dispatch asks: It’s tempting to conclude current events have rendered satire inoperative; how do you lampoon that which is already extravagantly absurd? Meanwhile, in other “news,” we find the following headline: Pro-Homo … Continue reading

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Short attention span?

In one of the funniest things another blogger has ever said to me, Insider made this earth-stopping observation: Gee, David. I’m noticing you refuse to say you oppose gay marriage. More about that later, because I couldn’t help noticing this. … Continue reading

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