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The story behind “children do best with a mom and a dad”

Those wailing over one of the consequences of the recent election, the change in Virginia’s position on the Marshall-Newman amendment, would have us believe that there would be no one else defending it in court. But of course that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Meet the men who claim they would lie about being trans to “see some naked chicks”

It should surprise no one that they are all anti-trans activists and right wing talking heads. While attempting to prompt the responses he wanted from some GMU students about the recently signed California student rights bill, right wing activist and … Continue reading

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The George Rekers connection

Naturally, it has to do with those peas in an odd pod Dick Black and Ken Cuccinelli. In case you’ve been under a rock: George Rekers, who had made a lucrative career of anti-gay activism until discovered returning from a … Continue reading

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Delgaudio threatening constituents?

For those of you who may live in or travel through Sterling Park, and are wondering “who are these people with Eugene Delgaudio signs in their yards,” this is absolutely priceless. A full time job that consists of lying about … Continue reading

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Morally suspect “health education”

Quote of the day: There is nothing legally suspect in basing a health curriculum on the wisdom of the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Psychiatric Association, and the American Psychological Association No. No, there is … Continue reading

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They can’t help themselves – HB 1727

Poor NARTH*. They try so earnestly to be taken seriously as a legitimate research institution, but can’t seem to stop demonstrating that they aren’t. In an illuminating article they published at the end of August, NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee member … Continue reading

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James, meet Paul

Update: Jennifer Chrisler, Executive Director of Family Pride, responds in Time. James Dobson of “Focus on Families I don’t approve of” has officially joined the Order of Paul Cameron, meaning that any official or activist who cites him as an … Continue reading

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