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Let’s have the conversation

This letter refers to the article discussed here. Loudoun Times-Mirror July 31, 2007 By Jonathan Weintraub, Lovettsville When the organization calling itself “The Church of the Valley” started a church at the Lovettsville Elementary School, I considered it an opportunity … Continue reading

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A season of sin

I fear that this will prove to be premature given the looming election season, but has anyone else been taken aback by the number of big, honking lies told by local anti-gay activists so far this year? In just the … Continue reading

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Pastoral care

There’s a fascinating article this morning about last month’s anti-gay church ad and the outrage it engendered in the Loudoun community. For the record, the ad was not submitted to the Times-Mirror. Ad spurs controversy across Loudoun Loudoun Times-Mirror July … Continue reading

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Let the conversation begin

Pastor Jay Ahlemann of “The Church of the Valley” has treated us to another expensive, full page ad, this one with even more words in even tinier print. Clearly stung by the outraged response to his last ad, Ahlemann starts … Continue reading

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Thanks Loudoun Easterner

Instead of sending a private e-mail response to Jeryl Parade and Martin Casey (Loudoun Easterner Publisher and Editor respectively), I thought it more appropriate to publicly acknowledge and thank them for meeting a group of citizens concerned about “that controversial … Continue reading

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Challenging the religious authorities

The outstanding letter below was published by the Loudoun Easterner this week. It was initially sent to “The Church of the Valley,” but there has been no response. The author asks the very good question “Who would possibly want to … Continue reading

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“Conflicting values”

I have no doubt whatsoever that there are some people sitting around somewhere trying to think of a way to attack School Board member John Stevens for this excellent post. Please, read it all, and let him know how much … Continue reading

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