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Just the facts

I’m not sure why Doug at Below the Beltway thinks that Harold Meyerson gets it completely wrong in this op-ed. The churches that have voted to separate from the Episcopal Church, USA are opposed to equality for GLBT people in … Continue reading

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Mr. Marshall and the Gay Agenda

Thank you, Mr. Marshall, for openly admitting that your amendment is not really about marriage, but in fact is intended to discourage GLBT people from living lives of honesty and integrity. It’s actually very clever. It also ultimately will fail. … Continue reading

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Human Resources are for all humans

I love this. Barton Hinkle of the Richmond Times-Dispatch asks: It’s tempting to conclude current events have rendered satire inoperative; how do you lampoon that which is already extravagantly absurd? Meanwhile, in other “news,” we find the following headline: Pro-Homo … Continue reading

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Three questions at NoVA Town Hall

The NoVA Town Hall meeting featuring Attorney General Bob McDonnell drew over 100 attendees last night, an impressive feat in August by any standard. The AG spoke on two allegedly “hot” controversial topics, the Marshall-Newman amendment and immigration policy. I … Continue reading

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A manufactured “train wreck”

Update: To illustrate the coordination of this article with other elements of the AGI, this action alert about the federal “marriage amendment” was sent out this morning by the “American Family Association”: “Once homosexual marriage is legal, our religious liberties … Continue reading

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Common ground

Here are a couple of WaPo articles on a developing dialogue between the GLBT community and conservative fundamentalist Christians. Unlikely Alliance Takes on School Conflict reports on just-released consensus guidelines on addressing sexual orientation issues in schools. The guidelines were … Continue reading

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Curb Censorship

Loudoun Connection May 5, 2005 By Ginger Walker I want to thank the Loudoun Connection for reprinting Nikki Buchholz’s powerful short story, “Ava Lynn’s Fear.” It is troubling that the advisor of Stone Bridge High School’s literary journal believes this … Continue reading

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