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PHC’s Mike Farris reduced to making empty threats against LGBT student group

Update: An inquiry from Public Citizen explains Mr. Farris’ quick retraction of his threat. Supervisor Ken Reid’s widely reported remarks in which he called members of a local atheist group and others “terrorists” has reignited contention over the use of … Continue reading

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Doubling down on Special Rights

Is this what happens when a sick ideology passes into its embarrassing and marginalized stage? A triumvirate of comically artless Special Rights entitlement: 1) This one is from an Australian legislator, and speaks for itself: Senate President John Hogg told … Continue reading

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An embarrassing eccentricity

What a ridiculous story this is. Scouting (like the military, like every other part of life) includes people who are openly gay. That means parents who are leaders and volunteers, and scouts themselves. For the most part, participants act as … Continue reading

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For crying out loud…

Mrs. Phillips, the game is over. Just confess that you had an ethical lapse and move on. Admitting a mistake and apologizing demonstrates character. Trying to spin your way out of an easily documented lie does not. This is rich: … Continue reading

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Contradictions to ponder

One We are supposed to believe, according to the proponents of Ballot Question #1, that Virginia’s marriage law is vulnerable to being overturned by an “activist judge,” and that we can’t be sure how Virginia judges will rule if there … Continue reading

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A manufactured “train wreck”

Update: To illustrate the coordination of this article with other elements of the AGI, this action alert about the federal “marriage amendment” was sent out this morning by the “American Family Association”: “Once homosexual marriage is legal, our religious liberties … Continue reading

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