Welcoming Place for Gay Residents?

In the face of legislation that could limit their rights, gay advocates say that most friends, neighbors and coworkers in Loudoun don’t reflect anti-gay rhetoric.

Loudoun Connection
February 10, 2005
By Suzannah Evans

When 11 states passed constitutional amendments defining marriage as between a man and a woman last November, the mood in the Weintraub home was grim. “It was thoroughly depressing,” said Jonathan Weintraub. “There was a sense of devastation,” said David Weintraub. “Why are people doing this?”

The Weintraubs are not legally married, but they refer to each other as if they were. After 21 years together, the Taylorstown couple’s relationship may never be recognized by the state. There are currently five different constitutional amendments being considered by the General Assembly that would ban the Weintraubs from marrying in Virginia. One of the amendments is sponsored by two Loudoun delegates: Del. Richard Black (R-32), who represents Sterling, and Del. Robert Marshall (R-13), who represents south-central Loudoun and northern Prince William County. On Monday, the state Senate passed a resolution to support a ban on same-sex marriage. The measure was before the House of Delegates on Tuesday. In order to become law, a constitutional amendment must be passed in two sessions and go to referendum – in this case, potentially by November 2006.

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