Dick Black’s reply to a student about “Offsides”

The following was sent to us by a student who objected to Dick Black’s interference with the drama presentation at Stone Bridge High School.

From: “Delegate Black”
Subject: Re: action alert
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 23:59:21 -0500

Dear XXX:

Thank you for your message regarding the controversial play. The kissing scene was simply done for shock value. They wanted attention and they got it. It brought attention to the content of the play and this has upset many parents. Many parents were upset because this was done with small children in the audience. Perhaps one day you will have children and you will understand how protective you might feel when your children are subjected to things that you disapprove of.

The idea of tolerance is an interesting one because it isn’t a one way street. Some of the very people who wrap themselves in the “tolerance” flag are the first to resort to name calling. What about being tolerant of those people who disagree with the homosexual lifestyle? Since the school has allowed one group to express views favoring homosexuality, will they have to give equal access to those who want to express views opposing the homosexual lifestyle? Delegate Black believes that publicly funded schools are simply not the place to debate this issue.

Delegate Black is in Richmond for the 2005 Legislative Session. His only real involvement in this whole situation was that he agreed to pass on an alert to some people he knows via e-mail. He didn’t write the letter, take credit for the letter/alert, but he does not apologize for forwarding it. Groups such as Equality Loudoun (a homosexual advocacy group) have attributed the letter to Delegate Black because they got a copy of the e-mail. He did not contact the press – they contacted him for comments.

The information that Delegate Black was relying on came from several parents who saw the play and were upset because of the content and because there were small children present in the audience at the time. In addition, School Board member Bob Ohneiser (Broad Run) attended the play himself and told Leesburg Today that “the kiss was clearly visible but was only a peck.” On this information, he agreed to forward the letter to people he knew.

Although we may have to agree to disagree on whether or not this is appropriate in our public schools, I appreciate you taking the time to contact our office. We may not see eye to eye on this issue, but I promise that we will always treat you with respect and be honest with our position on this issue.

Warm regards,
Callie Chaplow

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