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More student voices

This is timely – new student-produced theater from the company that created the play Normal last year (see schedule below). Normal…is an original theater production focused on teens and bullying. Two dozen teens in Loudoun County developed the play with … Continue reading

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One parent and an agenda

2 Guys and a Chick Set Off Loudoun Library Dispute, reads the Washington Post headline. At least now we have this admission, via LCPS officials: A children’s book about two male penguins that hatch and parent a chick was pulled … Continue reading

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Penguins and children

Potomac District School Board member John Stevens posted this last night: Put the Penguins Back Many of you are aware of the controversy surrounding the removal of a children’s book called And Tango Makes Three from the libraries of all … Continue reading

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First, they came for the penguins

Where’s Tango? asks Erica Garman on Living in LoCo. Answer: Behind the counter, being treated as if she’s a potential danger to children. Tango, if you have not been introduced, is a lovable little penguin chick who lends her name … Continue reading

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End of the line for special rights seekers, Part 2

Part 1 is here. ( January 31, 2008) The 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday agreed with a judge’s decision last year that a school can expose children to contrary ideas without violating their parents’ rights to exercise religious … Continue reading

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Did they run out of prisoners?

Prison Fellowship Ministries is a non-profit run by the reformed Watergate “hatchet man” Chuck Colson, and is based here in Loudoun County. As one might expect from the name, their mission is ministering to prisoners. Prison Fellowship partners with local … Continue reading

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Equality Ride at Baylor

Some observations following the Equality Riders as they make their way through Texas and Mississippi: A great idea from the town of Waco, home of Baylor University (and apparently also many large billboards erected by the “ex-gay” industry): A “Board … Continue reading

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