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General Assembly wrap-up

The 2007 GA session marked the first time that positive, pro-active bills outweighed legislative attacks on our community. Interestingly, the defeat of most of the positive legislation reveals the weak, flabby underbelly of the anti-gay lobby, created by their own … Continue reading

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They can’t help themselves – HB 1727

Poor NARTH*. They try so earnestly to be taken seriously as a legitimate research institution, but can’t seem to stop demonstrating that they aren’t. In an illuminating article they published at the end of August, NARTH Scientific Advisory Committee member … Continue reading

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Vote yes thrashing

Activist groups trying to salvage Ballot Question #1 are clinging to the State Board of Elections “explanation” (actually authored by active amendment proponent, Attorney General Bob McDonnell) like a slowly deflating raft. Prominent Virginia Republicans and real conservatives like J. … Continue reading

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My “So-Called” Family

Guest blog by Paula Prettyman, President, Equality Fairfax. I attended the amendment debate Friday night and witnessed Victoria Cobb of the Family Foundation snidely refer to a lesbian couple with children as a “so-called family.” The immediate and overwhelmingly displeased … Continue reading

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Introducing the Padilla traveling circus

Luis Padilla, fired by Cargill for refusing to refrain from displaying his anti-equality views to his co-workers, is being groomed for full blown martyrdom by Victoria Cobb, et al. Of course, every anti-gay media piece about the case consistently redacts … Continue reading

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Human Resources are for all humans

I love this. Barton Hinkle of the Richmond Times-Dispatch asks: It’s tempting to conclude current events have rendered satire inoperative; how do you lampoon that which is already extravagantly absurd? Meanwhile, in other “news,” we find the following headline: Pro-Homo … Continue reading

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Victoria’s make-believe amendment

There was great cause for celebration last week when the Attorney General couldn’t resist temptation, and released an advisory opinion on the Marshall/Newman amendment that proved our point: Lawyers and legal scholars can’t agree on how judges would interpret its … Continue reading

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