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Reactions to Jason Collins in the Patch

Dusty Smith of the Ashburn Patch has a nice article up about reaction to the coming out of Wizards center Jason Collins. He interviewed the co-founders of Equality Loudoun for a local perspective. Washington Wizards center Jason Collins has won … Continue reading

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More inconvenient truth

People who rely on the simplistic formulation of “male and female” as the mutually exclusive “complementary halves of humanity” to justify their anti-gay and anti-transgender bias have yet another inconvenient news item to ignore. It seems that the organizers of … Continue reading

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Unintentional heroes

The poignant desperation contained in this blog title, “Only in LA”, actually caused me to feel compassion for this widely-reviled local antagonist. It will all be ok, James. We’ll be patient with you as you come to terms with the … Continue reading

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