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What’s the world coming to?

UPDATE: Regarding the link at the end of this post – according to Michael Airhart, “A brilliant little article was posted on Craigslist in Lansing, Michigan, a couple days ago. Since then, several people have flagged it for removal — … Continue reading

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SB 66 State employment; discrimination prohibited.

I’ve been astounded by those local commentators who erroneously insist that “Virginia law already protects everyone” from discrimination, and that therefore the Loudoun board action was redundant. The fact that SB 66 is being heard in committee today would seem … Continue reading

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Maggie meltdown

“Political movements can–sometimes at great human cost and with great output of energy–sustain a lie but eventually political regimes founded on lies collapse in on themselves.” This would be a pretty good description of the current state of the anti-gay … Continue reading

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Anti-gay activists having a bad day

Although some will continue to try, it’s becoming very difficult to pretend that these loving, ridiculously normal couples are part of some radical movement to dismantle civilization. In a recent column, commentator Kathleen Parker writes about the implosion of the … Continue reading

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Riddle me this

See if you can make sense of the rationale offered by Vermont Governor Jim Douglas for his pre-announced plan to veto the Freedom to Marry bill (because I’ve tried, and I can’t). Here is what Douglas told the media: “The … Continue reading

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The shift continues

More evidence that the anti-marriage crowd has given up, discriminatory amendment activity notwithstanding: Right wing Town Hall contributor Michael Medved tells us that Elton John Solves Gay Marriage Controversy. Sir Elton managed to annoy many with these remarks last week … Continue reading

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The conservative case against Prop 8

A sizable number of Republicans have now joined the movement to defeat Prop 8 in California, along with the business community and virtually every newspaper, both large and small, in the state. The only paper so far to editorialize in … Continue reading

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