What’s the world coming to?

UPDATE: Regarding the link at the end of this post – according to Michael Airhart, “A brilliant little article was posted on Craigslist in Lansing, Michigan, a couple days ago. Since then, several people have flagged it for removal — reasons unspecified. Until someone comes forward with a reason for its removal (such as copyright violation), I’m reposting the article here.” Ditto. The link has been changed.

Chuck Colson is upset, there’s no doubt about it. The tide has turned. The Rubicon has been crossed. People are “starting not to notice” when celebrities come out of the closet. What was once seen as a defiant and courageous act is now “no big deal,” just part of the fabric of life. A new Gallup poll shows that “a majority of Americans—53 percent—believe that gay and lesbian relationships are morally acceptable,” a 13-point increase since 2001, and it’s mostly due to shifting attitudes among younger men.

Gosh darn it, “these results were to be expected—given the relentless barrage of pro-gay media coverage and the overwhelmingly positive depiction of same-sex relationships in popular culture.” What Chuck recommends is more anti-gay media coverage and some good ol’ negative depictions of same-sex relationships. By golly, he’s certainly been doing his part, but he needs help. “We’ve got to start making a better case. You can come to the Colson Center [a subsidiary of Prison Fellowship Ministries] and get all kinds of resources to winsomely present our arguments,” says Chuck.

You can see a hilarious illustration of the problem Chuck is addressing here. It just isn’t safe anymore to go to a party and behave like an anti-gay hooligan – oh, pardon me; I meant “a person with moral qualms about homosexuality.”

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