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What’s left of decent conservativism

Well, what can one say, other than thank our lucky stars for Andrew Sullivan? This seems all too applicable to our own local “not anti-gay” folks. It was just a joke, people (so spake the talking heads on Hannity), a … Continue reading

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Vote yes thrashing

Activist groups trying to salvage Ballot Question #1 are clinging to the State Board of Elections “explanation” (actually authored by active amendment proponent, Attorney General Bob McDonnell) like a slowly deflating raft. Prominent Virginia Republicans and real conservatives like J. … Continue reading

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Vote NO and protect the marriage minority

To be married means to be outnumbered. Yes, marriage is threatened. Even for those for whom it is legal, many forgo because of the “false security of a wedding ring”. Help strengthen marriage by voting NO this November against Virginia’s … Continue reading

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Have Republicans had enough yet?

The New York Times tells us that divisive anti-gay so-called “marriage amendments” have lost their power to manipulate the electorate. Pollsters are saying that “people might just be burned out on the subject of marriage and its boundaries,” and that … Continue reading

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Conservatives refusing to be radicals, Part 2

Today’s Washington Post includes an opinion piece by conservative 4th Circuit Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III, recently on the short list for a Bush appointment to the Supreme Court. In his rejection of both federal and state constitutional amendments to … Continue reading

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Bye bye business?

In Businesses Say ‘No’ to Marriage Amendment, the Connection newspapers report on the growing voice of the Virginia business community warning of the impact of the Marshall/Newman amendment on economic development. “Our history in Virginia has been about opening doors, … Continue reading

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Conservatives refusing to be radicals

I’m Not Emeril has posted a fine article making the conservative case for opposing the Marshall-Newman amendment. I’ve never been too fond of jumping blindly into a muddy stream. I won’t do it this time either. I’ll vote no. There … Continue reading

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