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Leesburg 4th of July Parade

From the Why Didn’t I Think of That Department. Per request, a place to comment on our third year in the Leesburg 4th of July Parade. We are very pleased to report that Equality Loudoun won Best Float in the … Continue reading

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GLBT people have Superpowers

How do I know this? Because every time something happens in this community that Barbara Curtis doesn’t like, she fires off a post explaining that we did it. She has compiled a whole list of naughty things we have supposedly … Continue reading

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Greg Ahlemann talks about his tattoo, hate crimes, community policing and more

We arranged the following interview (below the fold) with Republican candidate for Sheriff Greg Ahlemann after he requested that we correct the record regarding a pseudonymous comment made on our blog. The comment, to this post about one of the … Continue reading

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Open thread – election day stories

UPDATE: There’s quite a bit of huffing and puffing over at NoVA Townhall, as the use of children in the anti-family amendment campaign is subjected to critical scrutiny. This appears to have been quite widespread. I don’t at all think … Continue reading

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Stay Home

Leesburg Today July 15, 2005 By Martha S. Baine, Waterford Kathryn Manning’s letter complains that Equality Loudoun was making a political statement in the Leesburg Fourth of July parade rather than “simply celebrating a holiday.” The theme of Equality Loudoun’s … Continue reading

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Positive Light

Leesburg Today July 15, 2005 By Jerrie Dippery, Leesburg As the parent of a gay son, I am writing to provide a counter viewpoint to those who wrote to complain about the participation of gay marchers in the Leesburg Fourth … Continue reading

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The Struggle

Leesburg Today July 15, 2005 By Michelle Grisé, Purcellville On July 4, a sweltering hot day, I had a number of fun things I could choose from to do on my extra day off. I could have gone to a … Continue reading

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