Stay Home

Leesburg Today
July 15, 2005
By Martha S. Baine, Waterford

Kathryn Manning’s letter complains that Equality Loudoun was making a political statement in the Leesburg Fourth of July parade rather than “simply celebrating a holiday.” The theme of Equality Loudoun’s float was “With liberty and justice for all.”

Although we insist that our children recite these words every day at school, apparently they are too controversial to include in the commemmoration of the act that created a country where living those words is possible. America is a revolutionary country. Signing the Declaration of Independence was a political act par excellence. It was treason; the signers knew they could be hanged for it. So I don’t understand how one could “simply celebrate” the Fourth of July without making a political statement.

Did Ms. Manning notice that the Democratic and Republican parties had floats too? Does she think they are not political advocates? Heart-warmingly Equality Loudoun was enthusiastically applauded along the entire parade route. If people don’t think liberty and justice should be available to all, they are at liberty to march for Equality Only for People Who Are Just Like Me and see how much applause they get.

Or if Ms Manning doesn’t want to hear about things she disagrees with on Independence Day, she is at liberty to stay home where she is in no danger of running into other people and their ideas–although she had better stay out of the kitchen. If she can’t see the irony of complaining about the free advocacy of political ideas on Independence Day, perhaps “simply celebrating a holiday”” at the mall would be the most comfortable plan.

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