We the people, one human family

See more photos from Equality Loudoun’s fourth year of participation in the Leesburg 4th of July Parade here. Thank you to the folks who make this happen every year – it has really made a difference in this community.

We got an overwhelmingly positive response along the route – even more so than usual. Is this because the rainbow symbol was more prominent? We’ve heard in past years from spectators who said that they liked our message, but couldn’t immediately figure out who we were.

We also note, with amusement, that #1 Fan Barbara Curtis felt the need to publish another anti-gay screed the day before the parade, although she refrained from attacking us by name this time. The sad thing is that when she sticks with topics that she knows about, Barbara is actually pretty smart and engaging; her knowledge of early childhood education would be helpful to parents of all orientations. Ironically, she has also passionately advocated for a little kid whose classmates were encouraged to bully and ridicule him by his teacher; it’s not as if Barbara is lacking compassion for people who were created to be different from the majority. It’s too bad that she takes something good and poisons it with her irrational anti-gay prejudice.

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