Lest we forget

Best. Quote. Ever.

On the ill-advised and cruel conspiracy to interfere with Gay/Straight Alliances, and its attendant repulsive rhetoric:

I don’t think there are “groups in state-supported schools who define themselves by what they do with their genitals.” I think there are groups that protect people from those who define themselves by what they do with their fists.

Lest we forget, which seems unlikely, a flashback.

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2 Responses to Lest we forget

  1. Ed Garcia says:

    Thank you.
    That’s a huge compliment.
    I don’t like bigots and bullies. Whether it’s about what color your skin is, the name you call God, or who you love, there’s nothing I can’t stand like a bigot.
    and Matt Lohr appears to qualify.

  2. David says:


    You are very welcome. It’s a fantastic post, and very timely. Even though Mssrs. Lohr and Black no longer grace the GA with their presence, their distasteful influence is apparent in some of our local campaigns, notably those of Patricia Phillips (see the second item here) and Lynn Chapman.