Is Marriage Greatest Priority?

Loudoun Observer
October 5, 2006
By Louis Horvath, Herndon

Kudos to our Republican representatives in the Virginia House of Delegates, who are looking out for our best interest. Obviously, addressing the traffic problems in Northern Virginia is not as important as the constitutional amendment to prohibit gay marriage or civil unions (and maybe other unintended consequences).

This is without a doubt the most serious threat to our way of life in Virginia and the institution of marriage must be protected at all cost. Of course, Sen. George Allen and Del. Tom Rust will have to recuse themselves because, well, they didn’t quite follow through on their first set of vows.

In fact, the 50 percent of the population that has been divorced should not be permitted to vote on this issue. I submit that the best way to protect marriage is to outlaw divorce. Perhaps if prospective couples realized that getting out was not as easy as getting in, they would take marriage more seriously.

However, this could not pass since too many of our representatives would have to recuse themselves.

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