Equal Rights for All

Loudoun Connection
October 4, 2006
By Chris McHale, Potomac Falls

I would like to respond to the article, Black Proposes Debate in the Sept. 20 edition of the Loudoun Connection. I take exception to Mr. Black’s proposed debate in opposition to gay marriage.

Mr. Black is no longer a delegate, as the people have voiced their opinion of his politics and voted him out of office. Thus, his challenge is nothing more than grandstanding on his side. It is beyond me as to why the Loudoun Connection continues to give him a vehicle in which to remain in the spotlight.

The second point worth noting is that politicians take an oath to honor and uphold the United States Constitution. The Constitution provides equal rights to all. However, Mr. Black does not agree with this and has taken it upon himself to decide which people should have which rights. My concern is that we do not know which group Mr. Black may next decide does not deserve the protection of the Constitution.

Regardless of Mr. Black’s religious beliefs, which he clearly enjoys the Constitutional right to practice, his job, had he not lost the election, would have been to protect the rights of all citizens and not just those that agree with him.

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