Good and ugly

Update, June 15, 2007: Incredibly, Patricia Phillips continues to falsely attribute this Loudoun Times-Mirror editorial to us as an “Equality Loudoun article in praise of Andrews.”

Update: See how this Loudoun Times-Mirror editorial is being falsely attributed to Equality Loudoun in an effort to deceive voters.

The following editorial is a response, in part, to this.

Loudoun Times-Mirror
June 22, 2005

Cheers to the School Board – and especially Chairman John Andrews – for finely crafting a policy on school play presentations.

The final product pretty much resulted from Mr. Andrews’ determination to get a policy that made as much sense as possible, considered members’ ideas and keeps the school system out of court.

That he was able to craft such an agreement is a tribute to his willingness to stand firm in the face of some of the ugliest garbage we’ve seen spill out over a public issue here.

Whipped by far righties Del. Richard Black and Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, extremists turned the question of student rights into a battle over homosexuality. People who never saw the play that triggered the debate were quick to condemn it as promoting homosexuality, even though the main character is feeling under attack for being gay.

The debate hit bottom last week in a letter that ran straight into the face of accepted medical thought, accusing homosexuals of being abnormal. It’s hard to find an argument supporting that, but the letter writer tried with a load of invective and questionable facts. Elsewhere today, Loudoun residents make clear their disgust with his vile argument.

The far right took the low road, as usual. Fear buys voters, as both Mr. Black and Mr. Delgaudio well know.

Fortunately, School Board members know that good sense has even greater benefits for the community. We commend them for that.

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