Protect children from those people

Note: This is the “ugliest garbage” to which the editor of the Loudoun Times-Mirror refers in the June 22, 2005 editorial “Good and Ugly.”

Loudoun Times-Mirror
June 15, 2005
By Paul Goze, South Riding

The anti censorship and discrimination arguments of David Weintraub and Equality Loudoun in relation to School Board deliberations over school play content seem to make sense ““ except for the fact that what is being defended is an abnormal sexual behavior, not a legitimate minority group.

If one did an image search on the Web for the term “African-American” or “Hispanic,” you would see references to music, dress, cuisine or particular countries around the world. Nothing would appear that could be construed as lewd, perverted or abnormal.

One could also go to a black or Hispanic event and amongst the different cultural displays there would be nothing there to offend.

Do a Web search on the term “gay” with safe search turned “off,” and stand back. What appears is a myriad of abnormal sexual behavior that I can’t describe here.

One could also go to a “gay pride” event and witness people with practically no clothes on, or public displays of abnormal sexual activity and sadomasochism, costumes that accentuate sexual organs or support for a group called the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA).

The reality is that homosexuality is only analogous to other sexual perversions like incest, bestiality or child molestation.

The statement by Mr. Weintraub that “some people seem to think that the policy’s phrase ‘taking into consideration the sensibilities of the community’ refers only to them” is essentially correct. Defining what is sensible is only a job for those who respect moral absolutes. Should those who practice prostitution, bestiality or incest be allowed to define what is sensible and promote their wares to our children? For Mr. Weintraub’s arguments to be consistent, he would have to say “yes.”

Mr. Weintraub also claims that the law somehow protects homosexual propaganda in our schools. Really? Since when is promoting the behavior of sexual miscreants protected? The law does not protect the positive portrayal of things like adultery or child molestation in school plays and in school clubs. What makes homosexuality different? Nothing — the same laws, policies and “sensibilities of the community” that prohibit the promotion of shameful behaviors apply to all sexual or abnormal behaviors.

Let us hope that Superintendent Hatrick and the School Board muster the courage to enact a policy that respects the welfare of children (and not the interests of homosexual activists) by prohibiting the promulgation of any sexual behavior in our schools.

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