More “found art” from Mr. Delgaudio: Test your knowledge.

These just keep getting funnier.

Can you find the factual errors in this “Dear Sterling American ‘newsletter'” authored by Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio? Whoever can identify the most wins a prize. Extra credit for translation into standard English.

See Drama Lesson to read the offending Washington Post article. As always, feel free to use the contact information at the end.

Loudoun School Board needs your help

Monday’s Washington Post Style section ran a puff piece on the “independent” promotion of bizarre sexual practices in Loudoun Public Schools.

Several national pro-homosexual lobbies and entire ballrooms full of non-Loudoun pro-homosexual lobbyists lionized and presented awards to the student who produced the strange play in which homosexuality is promoted. Christian values are to be condemned and anti-Christian traditional values are to be embraced if you are a Post Style Section afficianado.

It is in this climate that after a monthlong break, the School Board Legislative and Policy Committee is going forward next week with plans to CONSIDER a policy PREVENTING the continued promotion of bizarre and obscene immoral practices that offend all traditional pro-family religions in America and the world. Their policy has now been proposed.

Way back in November 2004, a school board Chairman and School Superintendent condemned my, and Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin’s, criticism of a printed pro- homosexual survey in the STERLING MIDDLE SCHOOL.


At the same time they attacked me, an explicit “student” play was being organized by a high school principal, with the active help of other pro-gay rights activists implementing a defacto school board policy to condemn Christians and other traditional morality promoting citizens.


Now, Sterling School Board member Warren Geurin Is standing firm. The key language in the proposed new rule has sexual libertines and pro-obscenity forces howling:

“… is the policy of the Loudoun County School Board that theatrical presentations which contain sexual themes, promote sexuality, or depict sexual acts are prohibited.”

Will you stand by, me as your Sterling Supervisor, Geurin, and Sterling’s Children?

Or will you allow bullying, politically correct professional whiners, and the Washington Post national editorial board, browbeat a brave band of thoughtful School board members who must deliberate soon to adopt this proposal?

Strident anti-Christian pro-gay rights leaders and their misguided followers are swarming the school board members, urging the school board to encourage pro-homosexual plays, productions, surveys, curriculum and other propaganda. They do not want this proposed policy passed.

The School Board’s Legislative & Policy Committee proposed policy hopefully will prevent this sort of student club activity from occurring in the future.

I urge you to contact the School Board members again. Tell them your support the prohibition of theatrical presentations that contain sexual themes, promote sexuality, or depict sexual acts. Thank you.

They did it in Sterling, and Loudoun, and they must be stopped from doing it again.

How Do I Contact The School Board?

If you agree with Mr. Geurin that “certain things are not acceptable” then write him today. We need five votes.
John A. Andrews Chairman,School board
Thomas E. Reed At-Large Member
Bob Ohneiser Broad Run District
Mark J. Nuzzaco Catoctin District
Robert F. DuPree, Jr. Dulles District
Sarah B. Smith
J. Warren Geurin Sterling District
Joseph M. Guzman, Ph.D.

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