‘A Love Story in the Face of Hate’

Fairfax Times
May 18, 2005
By Frank Mustac

The documentary “Barbara and Tibby: A Love Story in the Face of Hate” will be shown at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Fairfax City on Tuesday, May 24, at 7 p.m.

Barbara and Tibby once owned a home together in Fredericksburg, but the lesbian couple of 39 years has moved from Virginia to Maryland.

The reason? A Virginia state law, more specifically House Bill (HB) 751, passed in 2004 that puts into doubt the couple’s legal ability to ensure that either partner would be cared for in case of death or illness.

The story behind their exodus this past April is chronicled in a new documentary titled “Barbara and Tibby: A Love Story in the Face of Hate,” produced by 39-year-old first-time filmmaker Suzanne Moe.

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