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Conservative enough?

Is discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation really a “conservative” value? Not according to Ward Connerly, whom one would be hard-pressed to argue is not conservative enough. He opposes the current effort to deface the California state constitution with … Continue reading

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Finally getting the picture?

“Gay Bashing Not Effective Campaign Tactic,” says the post-election Equality Virginia press release, included below. It remains to be seen whether the lesson will sink in this time, but it’s becoming clear that voters in Virginia no longer reliably respond … Continue reading

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An interesting development

From our neighbors at Too Conservative. I’ve tried in vain to get our Republican members and friends to participate in their local party process. Something keeps getting in the way. These folks, according to the comments, “are working to take … Continue reading

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Into the muck

The fact that anyone – a candidate, someone acting on behalf of a candidate, someone attempting to smear a candidate, it doesn’t really matter – would ask a polling question like this: “Would your vote for Delegate be affected if … Continue reading

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Quick, get the dictionary and look up “angel”

I noticed the other day that our friends over at NoVA Townhall were blogging the Conservative PAC conference, and chuckled in passing at Joe Budzinski’s fawning headline for Ann Coulter’s speech, “An angel alights.” As it turns out, the Coulter … Continue reading

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The Constitution Matters

The following is an op-ed submitted to local papers by the Loudoun Equality Action Project, the precursor to Equality Loudoun. Loudoun Equality Action Project members were present August 25 to observe the adoption by the LCRC of the “Resolution in … Continue reading

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Republicans Call For Marriage Amendment

Leesburg Today August 26, 2003 By Allen Browning The Loudoun County Republican Committee last night adopted a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment backing traditional marriage. The action came during the LCRC’s monthly at Simpson Middle School in Leesburg two months … Continue reading

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