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Citizens take Delgaudio investigation into their own hands

We know that Donna Mateer, former aide to Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio, provided a package of documents to Board Chairman Scott York – at his request – information that supports her allegations of Mr. Delgaudio’s improper fundraising, misuse of office, and … Continue reading

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“Nellie” Delgaudio getting nervouser

We are not children anymore, and we refuse to be bullied. That was Brian Edwards speaking to the press a few months ago about the theft and defilement of his favorite engagement photo for use in an anti-gay political mailer. … Continue reading

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Doubling down on Special Rights

Is this what happens when a sick ideology passes into its embarrassing and marginalized stage? A triumvirate of comically artless Special Rights entitlement: 1) This one is from an Australian legislator, and speaks for itself: Senate President John Hogg told … Continue reading

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A note of appreciation

Just wanted to express a quick word of congratulations to all the folks who sat for an hour or more yesterday with their cars idling so they could buy a chicken sandwich. I understand that that anti-gay chicken restaurant – … Continue reading

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Purcellville Gazette, June 8 I wish to thank columnist John Flannery (June 1) for calling attention to the recent mischief of two embarrassing Loudoun County public officials. Mr. Delgaudio is dismissible on the grounds that he even regards himself as … Continue reading

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Delgaudio demands that men use the women’s restroom

Joe My God shares with us yet another dumb fundraising letter, this one yammering on about people going to the bathroom (what is it with this guy and bodily functions?) His panties are in a bunch this time because trans … Continue reading

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Delusional, or immoral?

You might have seen a video that went viral over the weekend – five minutes of some of the most bizarre claptrap about gay people you are ever likely to hear, delivered by a speaker at a city council public … Continue reading

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