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Guest speaker Rosaria Butterfield draws contrast with Patrick Henry College’s fear of dialogue

According to Patrick Henry College professor of government Stephen Baskerville, “PHC is an oasis of academic freedom in an inbred academic environment of stifling orthodoxy.” Given that over half of PHC’s faculty resigned within one year over precisely the issue … Continue reading

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A visit to Patrick Henry College

Patrick Henry College hosts an ongoing “newsmakers interview” series, and the guest Friday afternoon is a woman named Rosaria Butterfield, a resident of Purcellville. Dr. Butterfield “will discuss her new book, The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, detailing her … Continue reading

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You’re not alone, not even at Patrick Henry College

“You’re not alone, and there’s plenty of space in the church for you, should you choose to stay.” That’s the truth spoken by Point Loma Nazarene University graduate Todd Clayton to the many, many other LGBT students and alumni who … Continue reading

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Differing Views May Collide At Patrick Henry College

Update: Patrick Henry College has dispatched a couple of their professional apologists (one at least seems to have some sort of cozy arrangement involving mutual promotion) to ask “why the mean gay activists won’t leave the poor private Christian college … Continue reading

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The trouble with Baskerville

Trigger warning: Rape, domestic violence and child abuse denialism, victim-blaming. Critics of Stephen Baskerville’s astonishing Faith and Reason lecture at Patrick Henry College last Friday have no shortage of material to cite. The lecture was such a departure from even … Continue reading

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PHC’s Mike Farris reduced to making empty threats against LGBT student group

Update: An inquiry from Public Citizen explains Mr. Farris’ quick retraction of his threat. Supervisor Ken Reid’s widely reported remarks in which he called members of a local atheist group and others “terrorists” has reignited contention over the use of … Continue reading

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There’s a new blog in town

The collaborative blog Queer Patrick Henry College was launched earlier this month by several current and former Patrick Henry College students. They join a growing movement of LGBT students at Christian colleges who are unapologetically asserting their right to be … Continue reading

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