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This sounds a lot like Loudoun County School Board rhetoric

Tell me if any of this language sounds familiar. From the “License to Bully” bill currently under consideration in Tennessee: This bill specifies that such task forces, programs, and other initiatives may not include materials or training that explicitly or … Continue reading

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At what point can we put to rest the soul-killing fantasy that people can or should change who they are in order to please the ignorant? John Smid, yet another long time “ex-gay” spokesman who has recanted, now acknowledges being … Continue reading

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Telling the truth

For those who say things like “I could care less about what gays do. I’m just sick and tired of hearing about gay rights, etc.”, who don’t understand that full participation in society is not a special right, who for … Continue reading

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“Anybody who actually believes that prohibiting discrimination against transgender people is going to result in men in dresses lurking in ladies restrooms — even when it has never happened in any jurisdiction where such a law exists — is not … Continue reading

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Victimism, defined

So I get pinged Tuesday by the new Loudoun Times-Mirror reporter, who wants to know if I have any comment on the Delgaudio fundraising letter that embarrassed both the Weekly Standard (“This is obviously not the sort of advertising that … Continue reading

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Nice hyperbole, but hormone blocking therapy is temporary and reversible. Going through the wrong puberty is permanent and irreversible. American Thinker needs to check its moral compass regarding the torture of children.

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‎Apparently, some in the deceitful showerhead group in Montgomery County are circulating the false rumor – corrected here by Chief of Police J. Thomas Manger – that the county has had four rapes “by men dressing as women and lying … Continue reading

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